What's hot? Christmas Shop 2016

What's hot? Christmas Shop 2016

We are proud to announce that our 2016 Christmas Shop is in full swing. Specialising in everything you don't need, but would love to have. It's bigger and better than ever occupying over 700 square metres of inspirational displays. Here are a few recent shots of our themes to whet your appetite.                            



Herbie, our 1975 Beatle has returned from early retirement and now forms part of our display arsenal. Recently waxed and shined, he's loaded up with festive luggage and welcomes you in.  Our Christmas indoor and outdoor lighting display is bigger than last year with high quality lighting with ultra competitive pricing. 



 Christmas lights at Mid Ulster Garden Centre

The 'Frontier' theme is full of rich and warm colours. Tans, coppers, browns, burgundy feature heavily. Alternative textures such as leather and feathers add new dimensions and keep things fresh and interesting. 

Traditional, of course, is as big as ever. We have an excellent new, quality range of animated decor and village scenes that are incredibly popular with children and adults alike. 


LED micro lights in warm white are new for 2016 and provide ultra thin and discreet wiring that are excellent for interior design and tree decorating.