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Acer Palmatum Fireglow 100-125 CL18

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Fireglow an impressive reliable cultivar which is vigorous and forms a well branched small tree retaining deep intense purple leaves even in summer. New foliage is pink red, summer foliage is intense red even in hot sun and early autumn foliage is suffused green. Although vigorous it is not as tall or as wide as "Bloodgood" to which is is similar. It is an absolutely excellent garden tree or container specimen.

  • Common Name: Fireglow. Sometimes refered to as "FGI" after the nursery who discovered and developed the plant.
  • Origin: First selected by the Girardelli nursery in Italy as Fireglow though later sold by a Dutch nursery as 'Effigi" Japanese maples have been developed and selected for their beauty and variation of colour and form. These plants have a great tendency to produce variations within the species
  • Great For: Intense red autumn colours and focalpoints in lawns and larger borders. Position where the setting sun can backlight the foliage. Good in pots on account of their tolerance, adaptability, shallow root system and minimal feeding needs.
  • Awards:
  • Foliage: Seven lobed medium to large deeply divided foliage. Leaf margins are evenly and sharply toothed
  • Soil: Any good garden soil but preferably soil that is slightly acid being moisture retentive whilst free draining.


  • Form: Upright growing like an umbrella blown inside out. Narrow at the bottom and widening evenly with height.
  • Supplied Size Height: 100-125cm
  • Supplied Pot Size: 18 Litres
  • Root Type: Grafted
  • After 10-20 years of growth: 
  • Height: 2.5-4m
  • Spread: 2.5-4m
  • Maximum height of 5 metres in ideal conditions


Planting Advice

The ideal soil is a slightly acid loam with low to medium organic matter. Fortunately, Japanese maples are very adaptable and will still do well but are unlikely to make their maximum dimensions in less than optimum soils. Soils should be reasonably well drained and clay soils should be generously mulched to encourage shallow roots . Avoid akaline soils or, add acidifying agents like sulphate of iron, pine/spruce needles or sulphur chips. Use acid fertilisers with neutralizing soil additions on high pH soils

Aftercare Advice

Japanese maples are remarkably adaptable to soil and climatic conditions and they rarely attain any significant heights. Green varieties tolerate full sun very well, variegated forms prefer semi shade and purple varieties prefer the sun to develop the typical deep red colours otherwise they will develop green tints in their foliage.

Pruning Advice

Prune during the dormant season November-January before sap rises. Corrective prunning can be done January to May. Cuts should be made just beyond a pair of buds. Usually this produces two side shoots. With larger limbs cut just above where the branch joins an older stem or branch. Never cut below this join to avoid disease entering. At the same time 'stubs' should be removed as they allow disease to build up its strength. Always use sharp tools.


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