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The Oase Biotec ScreenMatic range are a premium filtration system for Koi ponds as they incorporate an automatically-cleaned separating sieve which mechanically removes large waste particles from the water before feeding it into the main filter body. This allows for more efficient fine particle filtration, reduced maintenance intervals and an increased service life.

Other features include a water distributor with flow regulator for adaption to different pump capacities, a sludge drain with slide valve for debris removal, and convenient in-filter cleaning of filter foams so you don’t need to get your hands dirty. Oase Biotec ScreenMatic filters also allow for the possibility of using additional PhosLess filter media tubes for effective reduction of filamentous algae and can be combined with the Oase Bitron ultra violet lamp (not included) for the ultimate filtration system. All models in the range are built from high quality components and come with a 3 Year Guarantee.

A Clearwater guarantee is offered for ponds up to:

    • Suitable for ponds without fish up to 54,000 ltr
    • Suitable for ponds with fish up to 27,000 ltr (fish stocks up to 1kg per 1000ltr)
    • Suitable for ponds with fish up to 13,500 ltr (fish stocks up to 2kg per 1000 litres)

      Please get in touch if you require a UV and / or pump to go with this filter. Please note that recommended pump and UV size will vary according to pond size and fish stock level.



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