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Free delivery across UK & Ireland on most items
Free delivery across UK & Ireland on most items
Maintenance tips for garden fountains and water features

Maintenance tips for garden fountains and water features

For 2018 Mid Ulster Garden Centre has introduced a range of garden fountains. To facilitate a fuss-free modern lifestyle, our garden fountains are frost proof and require minimum maintenance - most of them are "plug-and-play" products that don't require additional configuration. Generally speaking smaller fountains require more regular maintenance than larger ones, but in any case only a low level of regular maintenance is enough to ensure proper functioning. For a start, clear away leaves and plant debris, which - along with sunlight - encourages algae growth. Remove any algae with a bristle brush. To combat algae buildup, regulate nutrients and light. Dedicated algae cleaners are available; do not add chlorine as it will damage the rubber seals in the pump. Keep monitoring the water level and top up with a small amount regularly to offset evaporation. 
Fountain 3
Water features generally don't freeze in the winter, as long as you keep running it. However, if it gets severely cold (as we experienced this winter), it is better to drain out the fountain bowl - ice will expand and may cause cracks. Check the water level daily: The pump always needs to be submerged. Water evaporates faster in drier environments, so keep monitoring the water level and refill if necessary. 
Fountain 1
Led Waterfall Fountain, £379.99
Cleaning your pump is recommended once a year to ensure that it is free of clogs and operating properly - a good time to do this is when the fountain is drained and cleaned for the winter. Remove all items from the basin of your water fountain including stones and other decorative items.  These items can be cleaned separately to ensure they are not building up algae. Pull out the rotor, clean with warm water (add some soap to it) and then rinse. Soap can be harmful to the pump, causing it to work harder and eventually burn out, so be sure to thoroughly clean and dry your water fountain prior to reinstalling your pump. You can also use a toothbrush to gently clean out any debris that is stuck in the grooves or holes. Note that The pump must always remain submerged or it will burn out -- which will also void the pump warranty.
Fountain 4
Three Jars Fountain, £165
Last but not least: Water features are built to be run all time, all year round - don't shut the fountain off when you leave the house or go to sleep! Turning it off lets the water get stagnant, promotes algae, and may mean more cleaning afterwards.
All of our come with 10m cables and have an one-year guarantee. If you have any questions or problems, contact us at 028 796 42324 and we will do our best to help!
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