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Alexander Rose Roble Park Bench 8 ft / 240cm

Alexander Rose Roble is on a par with teak in terms of its excellent water-resistant properties that make it ideal for our local climate. It will have a life span of 35 years +.

Alexander Rose Roble Park Bench 8ft is a 4-5 Seater FSC Hardwood Garden Bench

Alexander Rose Roble Park Bench 8ft is a classically designed and beautiful park bench. Roble hardwood is light yellow in colour & has a smooth lustre and texture with a closely interlocked grain and a similar strength to teak. If left untreated Roble will mellow down to a silver grey appearance.

An oil-based (darker finish with a slight sheen) or water based treatment (soft golden matt finish) may be applied to the bench in order to adjust the colouration / finish.

Dimensions of Alexander Rose Roble Park Bench 8ft

Height: 920mm
Width: 2440mm
Depth: 630mm
Weight: 64kg


The timber can be left to weather down to a silvery grey colour or alternatively can be treated to maintain the natural characteristics. Clean using soapy water and a stiff brush, allowing it to dry fully before the application of any timber treatment. More severe stains can be removed by the use of timber cleaner or by sanding with a medium grit sandpaper.
Alexander Rose Roble Benches are made from hardwood which is FSC sourced from Bolivia.


Manufacturer guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials for 10 years. This guarantee does not cover any deterioration due to the usual weathering process such as fading, cracking and splitting.

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